Raw Gallberry Honey is one of Georgia’s finest and a true Southern treat.

Time-honored and highly sought after, Gallberry Honey is sourced from a small evergreen bush abundant in the piney forests and swamps of southern Georgia and northern Florida. The growing area is relatively small, and this is why real Gallberry Honey is not commonly available.

This light amber, aromatic honey is a kitchen staple. It's a perfect sugar substitute and a great honey to cook and bake with. It's also slow to crystallize.

It pairs well with warm biscuits, drizzled over yogurt or your favorite savory meat, or as a dippin' sauce for fried chicken.

Flavor Notes: Mild but distinctive, with a slight molasses flavor

Source: Georgia

Capital Bee honey is raw, unprocessed, and never heated, allowing particles of healthful pollen, propolis, and beeswax to remain. Capital Bee honeys are made by bees in the USA.

Raw Gallberry Honey

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