A HONEY STORE ... and so much more!

Capital Bee Company's extraordinary honey is the focal point of our business—our “Golden Child.” But, our sweet store doesn't stop there.
Our charming store features bright and exciting items with more than 45 local Savannah-based companies, along with countless
other exceptional companies from across the country. From home goods to Savannah souvenirs,
we're here to make your experience with our company one you’ll never forget.


Raw Honey

Capital Bee sources only the highest quality, unique honey from the across the United States. It goes from the hive to the bottle with minimum handling. It's never processed, heated or filtered, leaving all the healthful pollen, propolis, vitamins and minerals for you to enjoy.


All Things Savannah

Our beautiful, historical and eccentric city is sure to steal your heart. Whether you live here or just visiting, you’ll want a fun reminder of Savannah in your home. That’s why we created an extensive collection of the best Savannah-centric tokens and gifts.

Books, coasters and tea towels about Savannah, Georgia

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