It takes quite a bit of work for beekeepers to produce real Blueberry Honey, and usually the yield is small, making it rather difficult to find the good stuff.

Capital Bee's Raw Blueberry Honey is crafted solely from nectar gathered from the tiny bell-shaped flowers of wild blueberry bushes native to the Northeastern United States.

This varietal's color ranges from medium to dark amber. Well-rounded with rich, earthy undertones, genuine Raw Blueberry Honey finishes on a buttery-sweet note. The flavor goes well with melons, nuts, and baked goods containing ginger and nutmeg.

Blueberry Honey has very strong antioxidant and antimicrobial properties compared to many other honeys.

Flavor Notes: Full, pleasant, moderately fruity, with a slight tang

Source: Maine & New Jersey

Capital Bee honey is raw, unprocessed, and never heated, allowing particles of healthful pollen, propolis, and beeswax to remain. Capital Bee honeys are made by bees in the USA.

Raw Blueberry Honey

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