Black Sage Honey's delicate harmony of flavors is created by the perfect balance of weather conditions.

Black Sage, the wild desert plant that is the nectar source for this honey, must get just the right amount of precipitation during a specific time of year to produce enough blossoms for bees to be able to make honey from it.

Capital Bee’s Raw Black Sage Honey is an extraordinary and rare varietal from Southern California. The subtle flavor makes it ideal for savory recipes, herbal teas, and salad dressing and sauces. It also pairs well with wine and cheese.

Flavor Notes: Mild sweetness, slightly earthy with herbal notes

Source: Southern California

Capital Bee honey is raw, unprocessed, and never heated, allowing particles of healthful pollen, propolis, and beeswax to remain. Capital Bee honeys are made by bees in the USA.

Raw Black Sage Honey

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